Dimension line

30.07.2020 561

Adds a chain of dimensions based on two actions - selection of anchored elements and pointing with the cursor where the dimension is located


  1. Select the elements of the model and the axes to be bound to.
  2. Select two points with the cursor.

The conditional line between these points must intersect the dimensioned objects. The start and end points of the dimension line do not need to be on a perfect straight line from each other.


Dimensioning is available between parallel element faces

The add-in measures only the following categories of objects:

 Example 1: only axes 1 and 3 are selected

Operation    Effect 

Example 2: Axes 1, 2, 3 are selected

Operation    Effect

Example 3: one opening and one axis selected

Operation    Effect

Example 4: three openings and two axes selected



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